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~Namaste friends~
My specialty is Thai Bodywork (aka Thai yoga bodywork, Thai massage), and the longer sessions (for both Thai bodywork and table/oil massage styles).
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THAI BODYWORK (1 - 3 hrs) Greatly increases mobility and restores vital life force through assisted stretching, joint opening movements, acupressure, Sen energy work. Eastern style bodywork, performed fully clothed either on a table or floor futon.

THAI SEN SESSION (1 - 1.5 hrs) Restores your vital life force and opens the Thai Sen energy/meridian lines by touching with as little or much pressure as we decide.

THAI SPIRIT MEDICINE (@45 min) Restores your vital life force by intuitively balancing your energy. Similar to reiki but may still have some hands on work/movement.

TABLE MASSAGE (1 - 3 hrs) My style of working is integrative, intuitive, and inquisitive. Western style massage, performed on a table.

“THE WORKS” Combination of Sen & Spirit Medicine with either Thai bodywork or Table massage (2.5 - 3 hrs)

1 hr $75 ($65 monthly members*)
90 min $110 ($100 members*)
2 hr $140 ($130 members*) recommended for first session/new client
2.5 hr $170 ($160 members*)
3 hr $200 ($190 members*)